fronttcrc2TRAINING CENTER - Program participants, ‘Trainees,’ in culinary arts or hospitality service undertake a uniquely extensive program, internationally credentialed by the award winning Institute of Culinary Education in New York.

The 18-month curriculum starts with orientation to hospitality and a basic skills overview, then continues into the more complex areas of professional cooking and restaurant service and operations.

In order to achieve its ambitious objectives, the program includes extensive culinary and hospitality classroom instruction, a teaching kitchen, a state-of-the-art computer language laboratory, hands-on experience, life skills curriculum and extensive hospitality English classes.

At the same time, the Trainee's experience transitions from observation in the STREETS Restaurant Café kitchen and dining room, to working side by side with professionals as they assume increasingly independent roles on their own.

All Trainees have daily classes and hands-on practice six days a week. It is a very intensive program that provides the education, experience and language skills they need to succeed.

As sought after employees, Trainee graduates have the career opportunities that allow them to provide for themselves, their impoverished brothers, sisters and families, and to participate in·the development of their country as a whole.