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Meet STREETS Trainee - Phuong

Phuong grew up on the Cham Islands with no running water, healthcare or high school.

After graduating from STREETS, Phuong started her career at the renowned Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai as a server before being promoted to a Supervisor.

After several years she continued her career in the high-end luxury market at the Park Hyatt Saigon as a Service Team Leader, before another promotion in her exemplary career to Assistant F&B Outlet Manager. Phuong helps support her struggling parents and relatives on the Cham Islands with basic necessities. She also helps mentor recent STREETS graduates. "I am so lucky to have STREETS and to have a family. It makes me hurt because I know there are people who have it more difficult than me; it is my dream to help people." Most recently, coming full circle, we celebrated her return to STREETS as a Restaurant Service Manager.


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