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Meet STREETS Trainee - Do

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Do was orphaned at 12 when his father died and his mother abandoned him at his grandfather's house in rural Quang Nam Province. Three years later he was left at an orphanage in Hoi An.

Do spoke only a few words of English when he came to the program, "At STREETS we must learn to speak English everywhere," Do says, "Mr. Neal wants us to even dream in English!" Do thrived in his culinary studies. "In the kitchen, there is so much action. You are never bored." Just two weeks after graduating, Do was hired at the renowned Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai. Earning three promotions and being named an ‘Employee of the Year.”

Do was a rising star at The Nam Hai, when he was offered a dream job as executive chef at The Rachel, a prominent, new restaurant along the Han River in Da Nang. "I can do anything because I believe in myself and trust myself now because STREETS believed in me!" He is now the very ​respected Sous Chef at ​the ​renowned ​5-star ​Naman Retreat Danang.​


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