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Be sure to visit STREETS in Hoi An. We are open daily with our acclaimed Oodles of Noodles, hands-on noodle making and dining experience, or savor our iconic flight of noodles tasting menu at our Noodle House eatery. (RESERVATIONS required for Oodles of Noodles)

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STREETS newest enterprise, the “Noodle House” with its signature Special Tasting, 'A Flight of Noodles' - an amazing dinner sampling featuring the three most iconic, local rice flour noodle dishes: Mi Quang, Cao Lau, and Bun.

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The Oodles of Noodles experience and the VIP Noodles Tasting tours are inspired by our partnership with G Adventures, made possible with support from Planeterra Foundation.

352,900 Oodles of Noodles guests and counting. Conducted by STREETS Trainees, they are justifiably popular with guests from all over the world.

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These unique custom-designed Trainee-led culinary experiences offer an opportunity to learn basic Vietnamese cooking, explore local markets and learn from STREETS' Trainees.


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