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Founded in 2009 and based in Hoi An, Vietnam, STREETS is a comprehensive and fully-supported 14-month culinary and hospitality training program. Disadvantaged and vulnerable youth living in poverty are chosen to participate in this no-cost program.

Each Trainee participant is provided classroom instruction with hands-on experience in the culinary arts and/or hospitality services, nutritious meals, supervised housing, clothing, uniforms, an active community, monthly allowance, and basic medical care.

   What we offer

  • Professional 14-month culinary, hospitality and English language training program at no cost to participants

  • Apprenticing experience including at the Noodle House and Oodles of Noodles Center

  • Meals, housing, clothing, uniforms and monthly allowance

  • Comprehensive recreation and wellness program

  • Life Skills training

  • Health examination and basic medical care

  • Outstanding job placement rate with ongoing career support

   Who can apply

  • Age: 17-22

  • Education level at 6th grade literacy or relevant life skills knowledge

  • Disadvantaged and vulnerable youth living in poverty, resident or sponsored by an orphanage or community agency, out-of-work and needing support

  • Strong interest in restaurant, hotel or tourism careers

  • Motivated to learn English

  • Must complete the STREETS application including a Recommendation Letter and Certified Residence documents



"I am confident to

work at any hotel or

resort anywhere in Vietnam."

This is the only real chance for many of these disadvantaged young adults to transition from poverty and life on the streets to the dignity of self-sufficiency that comes with a successful career in hospitality. STREETS is committed to providing Trainees with the opportunity to build a life marked by achievement and economic independence for themselves, their families and their communities.

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